Soup Making

Vegan potato soup

In this blog I will make vegan potato soup and the reason for making this is very special as when I was a kid, I had stomach infection and the doctor suggested me to go on a liquid diet and it was the first time my mother made this soup for me and from then I like to eat it.


  1. Wash potatoes, spring onions, and coriander.
  2. Chop potatoes, spring onions, and garlic roughly.
  3. Add sunflower oil to a pot and turn the flame on medium-high.
  4. Add spring onions, potatoes, and garlic and stir well.
  5. Add all the spices and stir well for 5 minutes.
  6. Add 1 litre water and put on lid until boil.
  7. Add the remaining water and boil until the potatoes are soft. Turn off the gas and leave for 5 minutes.
  8. Use a food processor to grind the soup until liquid consistency, add large chopped coriander.

Plating guide:-

  1. Present the soup in a soup bowl and add some finely chopped coriander on top.
Spring onions, potatoes, and garlic in pot.
Water added
Covering for 5 minutes
Addition of coriander after grinding in food processor

Sensory evaluation:-

The aroma of the soup was very appealing because of the use of thyme. The texture of the soup was not very thick or not even liquid. The appearance of the soup was like any other cream soup even it has no non vegan product added to it. The soup tasted very great with a little bit flavour of thyme.

I served this soup to my roommate as dinner and he liked the texture as well as taste of it and he told me that it is a perfect and light thing to serve in the dinner.


There was a big challenge not to thicken the soup very much and another challenge was not to burn garlic and thyme.

I think the soup making was a success as me and my roommate, both of us liked its taste as well as texture.

I could have added some carrots to it so to make it more tasty.


I got to know how to maintain the consistency of the soup.

I learned a new recipe of soup.

In the future I will try to make several vegan soups by taking the example of this soup.


All the pictures used above are clicked by me (Manav Gaba).