Hi! My name is Manav Gaba. I am learning culinary management at George Brown College, Toronto. My journey of cooking started at the age of 10 when I got inspired by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar who was one of the judges of Master Chef India season 1. I started helping my mother in the kitchen and she taught me whatever was easy for me to do at that age. After I noticed my interest in cooking, I decided to become a chef and for that I needed some extra knowledge which would be beneficial for me. I chose Food Production in grade 11 and 12 and learnt several indispensable things for a chef.

I have done an internship in ‘The Yellow Chilli’ and they taught me cuts of chicken, lala musad dal (lentil preparation), and use of every important kitchen equipment.

The turning point in my life came when I got the offer letter from the George Brown college as It was my dream to study in this college as it is known to be the number one chef school in Toronto. Today I am feeling very lucky to be a part of this college.

I am looking for a part time job in the kitchen industry so to gain much experience.

My Philosophy of cooking is very simple and straightforward. I think that cooking is an art. This is the first time that I am making a blog and I think I can gain a plethora of knowledge from it, for instance, how to interact with unknown people, positive thoughts of other bloggers etc.

The quote which inspired me is by Samudyata Rao :

Cooking is a form of therapy, my friend. A remedy for lingering despair with special healing powers. Like a fresh coat of paint for the inner walls of heart 💗.

Here are some of the dishes prepared by me:-

For my first cooking practical I made Honey Chilli Potatoes with creamy onion dip and chilli chipotle sauce.

Chinese chilli rice.

Cheesy garlic bread.

Before starting my blog I saw many culinary blogs online and one which inspired me was ‘pinch of yum’ which is made by Lindsay who was a former 4th grade teacher and became a full time blogger. She has 24.2 thousand likes on her feed. She uploads a plethora of recipes which i have tried many times and i would like to do similar grassroot level efforts like her on the blog. She uploads the recipe with its video which makes it much easier for me to understand it.

Lindsay’s blog family.

Cashew golden milk latte made by Lindsay.

Link to pinch of yum:

Thank you everyone for reading this blog. Bon appetit 🙂

Links to lindsay’s pictures:

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