Introducing Nutrition

Nutrient rich salad prepared by me

Nutrition is a key to a good health and studying nutrition as a subject in my course is very valuable for me as I believe that it will be very beneficial for me in my future.

Nutrition itself is very interesting and the most fascinating nutrition topic for me is protein. Leaving behind all my tensions, I try to focus on my gym schedule and for gaining and repairing muscles, Protein is mandatory. Giving more attention to protein, it has created my interest in it. I always like to try different types of protein foods and dishes such as salmon piccata, chicken zucchini salad, black bean soup, shrimp tacos, shrimp and fennel risotto, etc.

Giving more concern to my diet, I would like to learn more about carbohydrates as many people get confused about the intake of carbohydrates in their diet and whether they should eat more or less carbohydrates. Eating fruits for good health sometimes leaves a question in my mind, that is the sugar (carb) present in the fruits healthy for us or not.

The culinary industry

Talking about the culinary industry, it is trying to focus on nutrition nowadays as people are becoming very specific and concerned about their diet and nutrition is a key that can help to fix diet related problems. The food industry people are trying their best to include healthy diet in their menu so to keep their customers happy which is not a bad thing. If in the present, people are becoming so much health concern then in my opinion, nutrition will play much more important role in the future for the culinary industry.

Comparing websites :-

The credible website that i chose from the list is and the website that i think is non credible is

  1. Sources- the dietitians of canada have sourced each and every information that they have used whereas bionic old guy has some informations which i think are sourced properly
  2. Reference:- the dietitians of canada website has refered and given citations whereas bionic old guy has missed some refrences
  3. Staff- there is a professional team of the dietitians of canada which include highly qualified people but on the other side the bionic guy website has one person in the team and he has not given his name in the about section.

Citations:- the first picture of salads prepared by me is clicked by Manav Gaba (me) and the second picture that is a group picture, is clicked by harman singh (culinary management student)

For comparison i have used two website

Dietitians of canada and bionic old guy

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